Thematic Groups

INTEROP-VLab includes several Thematic Groups. A TG is a working group composed of persons belonging to the I-VLab partners. The subject of a TG is oriented Research and Applications of the use of Enterprise Interoperability Technology and associated domains as Enterprise Systems Application (ESA (ex: ERP, PLM,..)) and Future Internet for Enterprise Systems (FInES) in a domain of application as manufacturing, e-Health, etc…

TG 11

A thematic group that focuses on the understanding of and uptake of solutions for manufacturing enterprise interoperability. The thematic group tries to drive forward the understanding, implementation and use of interoperable solutions in manufacture through improved industrial awareness, research, development and training for exploitation.


Bob Young, Professor at Loughborough and TG11 Leader,

TG 12

A thematic group that focuses on Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) initiatives and activities with a special focus on “Cyber-Physical System”. Furthermore, TG12 is responsible for managing and coordinating the Ei2Network (European Network For Interoperability and Innovation) which is a vibrant one-stop-shop for cross sector collaboration between SMEs, DIHs and Tech providers to create innovative products with advanced digital technologies.


Hezam Haider, Ei2Network Manager and TG12 Leader,

TG 13

A thematic group that focuses on Collaboration in Supply Networks (CSN). The thematic group is highly active in promote networking between Interop-VLab members. The members join forces and competences on multiple research issues and generate ideas for potentials proposals by analysing and following closely the EU funding programs.


Raul Poler, Director of CIGIP and TG13 Leader,