Created in March 2007, INTEROP-VLab is the International Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability, officially created as an Non-profit association under the Belgian law, stemming from the Network of Excellence Interop-NoE (Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprise Applications and Software, FP6 508011) led by Research Group: “Production System” from IMS Laboratory, University of Bordeaux.

INTEROP-VLab is a virtual, i.e. distributed and coordinated research organization, which is capable of aggregating existing and future research laboratories in close connection with industry, to achieve a number of goals that each single participant organization could not reach.

Through its 6 regional poles, INTEROP-VLAB is an international network, bringing together leading academics, research centers for Innovation, industrial stakeholders, SMEs, around the domain of Enterprise Interoperability and its associated domains: Manufacturing Modelling, Simulation and Method for:
• Definition and implementation of Performance Indicators and Impacts;
• Business and Technical Requirements elicitation for manufacturing solutions;
• Implementation of Factory of the Future (Industry 4.0) solutions;
• Development and implementation of Supply Chain Management;
• Implementation of Internet of Things solutions.

Its strength comes from synergies, exchanges and collaborations between all actors in EI.

The aim of INTEROP-VLAB is to improve and develop the cooperation between the ERA (European Research Area) that are apparently fragmented, in order to support the development of the Applied Research, Education, Innovation, Standard in Enterprise Interoperability and Industry 4.0.