How to join INTEROP-VLAB ?


You are an organisation (university, research centre, association, company…) interested in Enterprise Interoperability?

Your organisation can join an existing member Pole (list of Poles here). If your geographical area is not represented, you can join the closest Pole, in terms of scientific interests or cultural aspects. Joining a Pole means becoming partner of the Pole, and so subscribing to its internal rules (bylaws, fees, management…). Most of the existing Poles are associations or SIG (scientific interest groups). The fee paid to the pole includes the fee due to INTEROP-VLab.

Send an email to if you need more information about the existing Poles.


A Pole consists of a set of partners located in a geographical area, each having expertise or interest in Enterprise Interoperability. The area can be a country, or a set of countries (e.g. the Grande Région Pole covers Luxembourg, Belgium and France).
The conditions of eligibility to become an INTEROP-VLab Pole are:

  • to include at least three independent partners at the creation (not with affiliates);
  • to be established as a legal entity (an association for  example) or to be formed as a SIG (Scientific Interest Group). In this case, the decision body of the Pole must appoint one partner, being a legal entity, to be the representative of the Pole;
  • to have common research interests in Enterprise Interoperability, Enterprise Systems Applications, Future Internet.

The candidate Pole submits an application to the I-VLab Board Director which accepts or rejects the application. In case of acceptation, the final approval is validated in General Assembly.

To receive the application pack to create an INTEROP-VLab Pole, send an email to


If you are potentially interested to create a Pole but you need a one-year trial period before starting the administrative procedure of creation, your organisation can be “observer” during one year. The Observer Pole has to pay the annual fee as for a Member Pole (see below).

This trial period cannot be renewed for a same organisation.

To receive more information about the status of Observer, send an email to


Large companies may be invited to sponsor INTEROP-VLab. For an individually negotiated contribution related to company size, your sponsorship will be recognised trough publications and events, and you will have the opportunity to participate in all events and activities setting future EI research and exploitation agendas.

To receive more information about the status of Sponsor, send an email to

The member Poles pay for an annual membership fee which is calculated according to the number of partners belonging to the Pole during the current year. The annual fee is 1000€ per partner organisation belonging to the pole. Each Pole is free to apply additional fee for the management of its structure.

Since the creation of INTEROP-VLab in 2007, the non-founding members must pay an “entry fee”, a unique payment due once the Pole is accepted as member by the General Assembly. The amount of this entry fee will be calculated by the Board Director according to the size of the new Pole, in agreement with both the General Assembly and the new Pole.

The payment of the annual fee gives to the organisation the status of “partner of INTEROP-VLab”.