INTEROP-VLAB International Poles

INTEROP-VLAB is a networked association whose members are pooled in autonomous “Poles”. A Pole is a legal structure composed of universities, research centres, companies or associations of SME, which cooperate in a same geographical area and have expertise in the EI/ESA/FI domains. The activities of “Poles” are synergized at the European scale by a coordination structure.

INTEROP-VLAB is a highly decentralised structure in which the activities of the Poles are synergized at international scale by a light coordination structure.

This approach aims to cope both with the heterogeneity of local environments and with the need for synergy at the global level. It also strongly facilitates the membership procedure: to join the INTEROP-VLAB international community, an organisation joins a local Pole under the national legal rules of the country of the Pole.

Each Pole defines its own internal rules including the condition of partnerships, in accordance with the INTEROP-VLab rules and objectives.

The 6 INTEROP-VLab Member Poles are:

The Spanish Pole represented by INTERVAL association located at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

The French Pole PGSO (Pole Grand Sud Ouest), a SIG* represented by Bordeaux University

The Portugese Pole PrRP (Portuguese Research Pole), a SIG* represented by UNINOVA

The German Pole represented by DFI association located at IPK Fraunhofer, Berlin

The UK Pole represented by

The Greek Pole represented by CERTH (Center for Research and Technology Hellas)

*SIG: Special interest Group