What is I-VLab

Created in March 2007, INTEROP-VLab is the International Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability, officially created as an AISBL (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif) under the Belgian law, stemming from the network of excellence Interop-NoE (Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprise Applications and Software, FP6 508011) led by Research Group: “Production System” from IMS Laboratory, University of Bordeaux.

INTEROP-VLab is a virtual, i.e. distributed and coordinated research organization, which is capable of aggregating existing and future research laboratories in close connection with industry, to achieve a number of goals that each single participant organization could not reach.

A network of 9 regional poles, bringing together leading academics, research centers, industrial stakeholders, SMEs, from 9 European countries and from China

An access route to 200 top specialists in the domain of Enterprise Interoperability (EI)

Through its 9 regional poles, INTEROP-VLab is an international network, bringing together leading academics, research centers for Innovation, industrial stakeholders, SMEs, around the domain of Enterprise Interoperability (EI) and its associated domains: Manufacturing Modelling and Simulation and Method for :

  • Definition and implementation of Performance Indicators and Impacts;
  • Business and Technical Requirements elicitation for manufacturing solutions;
  • Implementation of Factory of the Future (Industrie 4.0) solutions;
  • Development and implementation of Supply Chain Management;
  • Implementation of Internet of Things solutions.

Its strength comes from synergies, exchanges and collaborations between all actors in EI.

The aim of INTEROP-VLab is to maintain and develop the defragmentation of the ERA (European Research Area) in cooperation with other regions of the world, in order:

  • To support the development of the Research, Education, Innovation, Standard in Enterprise Interoperability and associated domains.

INTEROP-VLab’s Board of Directors


President :

Prof. Yves Ducq
(Univ. Bordeaux, 
PGSO Pole representative)


Secretary :

Prof. Ricardo Goncalves


Treasurer :

Prof. Raul Poler
(Univ. Politècnica de València – ES)

INTEROP-VLab’s team




Prof. Guy Doumeingts
General Manager

Prof.Guy DOUMEINGTS is the General Manager of INTEROP-VLab. He is also Emeritus Professor of the University Bordeaux (FR). He is a specialist in the domain of BPM (Business Process Management), Enterprise Modelling (EM), Enterprise Interoperability (EI) and Implementation of IT solutions in manufacturing. He was the Project Manager of IDEAS Project (2003), Scientific Coordinator of INTEROP-VLab (2003-2007), one of the founders of INTEROP-VLab, Scientific Coordinator of MSEE project. He has published more than 200 articles and five books. He is the former president of the Technical Committee N°5 “Information Technology Applications” of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing), Founder and former Chairperson of IFIP Working Group 5.8 “Enterprise Interoperability”. He is member of the editorial Board of several International Journals.He is involved in the European projects as scientific coordinator in C2NET and PSYMBIOSYS, and give his expertise in Enterprise Modelling, Enterprise Interoperability, Performance Indicators, IT and Business requirements and Business Models.


Research and innovation engineer


Hezam HAIDAR is currently finalizing his PhD in industrial engineering on the framework of open innovation where he took part in the European project OIPEC (2016-2019). He has received his Business Master’s degree from IAE Grenoble in 2016. In 2015 he received his Master degree in systems control and automation from Grenoble University. He obtained an engineering degree in electronics majoring in telecommunication from Multimedia University, Malaysia. He was previously an Automation Engineer in Siemens power plant, Yemen. Since December 2019, he works for INTEROP-VLab as research and innovation engineer and participates in the European project Smart4Health (H2020 – 826117) and DIH4CPS (H2020 – 872548)



Deputy Manager

Sophie-Agnès FENSTERBANK graduated with a Management & Communications Masters from the University of Poitiers (France), specialized in marketing. Since 2007 she has been working as a communications manager for the headquarters of Audi Ireland, then for Sensio Technologies in Montreal as well as for Chromatotec in France. She was the leader of the Dissemination work package in TELL ME and FITMAN and the leader of the dissemination tasks in the ongoing projects PSYMBIOSYS and C2NET,