Transport Service Tool Box (TSTB)

NOSCIFEL (Normafret Services Connecteur Intelligent pour le Fret et la Logistique) project: it is a project supported by the French Ministry of Transport. I-VLab is linked to the project through Guy Doumeingts as consultant working with Geoloc System in the LOT 2 developing tools for the Modelling of Transport System. There is an agreement with MSEE project (supported by TXT e-solutions) to reuse the MSTB to develop Transport Service Tool Box (TSTB). I-VLab will support the development of the tools after the end of NOSCIFEL (end of May 2015).

The services of confidence of the platform

  • Appointment management for transporters – shippers – receivers
  • Management of a bundling and unbundling of goods platform
  • Traceability service of goods (units, pallets, containers…)
  • CO2 and GES calculation platform
  • Service of commercial dematerialization
  • Service of electronic archiving
  • Digital electronic safe service
  • Electronic signature of documents service

The toolbox answer essentially to the needs of SMEs specialized in transport and logistics by proposing a modular platform giving access to functionalities they need in their everyday work.

  • Facilitate the access to the applications required for the transport and for the logistics in a normalized way and with custom-made subscriptions.
  • Promote the interoperability between information systems
  • Improve the competitiveness of SMES throughout Europe

The Community Group “CG TS Tool Box” will allow to facilitate its development in the domain of Research, Evolution and Innovation.

WHY TO JOIN THE CG Transport Service Tool Box?

  • In research point of view: to extend the Method and/or the Model.
  • In development point of view: to deliver, maintain, support and extend the Tool.
  • In innovation point of view: to disseminate, exploit and adapt the asset for further experimentation and use.

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