The research activities in Enterprise Interoperability

INTEROP-VLab helps, develops and durably maintains the new European research community founded by the INTEROP-NoE in its three years and half of intense research work in the domain of Enterprise Interoperability.

Stemming from the Network of Excellence INTEROP-NoE (Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprise Applications and Software, FP6 508011), the first mission of INTEROP-VLab is to consolidate, develop and durably maintain the European research community founded by the INTEROP-NoE in  42 months of integrating, joint research and dissemination activities in the domain of Enterprise Interoperability and the associated topics.

INTEROP-VLab pursues the defragmentation of the ERA (European Research Area) in cooperation with other regions of the world:

  • to support the development of research, education, innovation and standards in Enterprise Interoperability (EI) , Enterprise Systems Applications (ESA) and Future Internet (FI) domains,
  • to act as a Centre of Excellence in the domain of EI / ESA/ FI worldwide.
  • INTEROP-VLab aims:
  • to develop networked research with critical mass in the EI / ESA/ FI domains,
  • to  facilitate the connection between research laboratories and industry,
  • to allow all types of organisation, from the smallest to the biggest, to participate in research projects and obtain results that a single partner could not reach.

The originality of the INTEROP-VLab research programme is based on the integration of three key thematic components along the theoretical foundations, enabling technologies and exemplar applications main lines:

  • Information and Communications Technology, the technological base of interoperable systems,
  • Enterprise Modeling, to implement suitable organisations for interoperable systems,
  • Ontology, to ensure the semantic consistency of networked organisations and solutions,

Benefit from the INTEROP-VLab experience and tools for Research Project

  • Your organization wants to participate in Research Projects in Enterprise Interoperability?
  • You need to find collaborators in a specific domain, to build a project?
  • You need a support in management to launch and coordinate a research project in the EI domain?

INTEROP-VLab helps your organization to create, co-ordinate and manage projects.

This service is proposed to partners and non-partners organizations who are seeking participation in projects at the International, European, National, Regional levels.

INTEROP-VLab can support:

–  Facilitate the creation / launching of research project in the EI domain
–  Supply the necessary project proposal and launch management
–  Support coordination, management, recruitment of competencies among a network of 500 researchers through Europe and China

– Develop / maintain methods, tools and database to support the creation of Research Projects in Enterprise Interoperability
– Methods of work in EI
– Roadmapping activities for companies or research organization,
– Study of generic interest for the European Commission, Public organizations at the European, national or regional level, “Map of Competence“
– Development of Methods and Tools to manage European Research Project in the EI domain.

  • Send to our office a description of your request in order we send you an adapted proposal:

    INTEROP-VLab 351 cours de la Libération – Bât A31 – IMS – 33405 Talence – France 

    For more information, contact the INTEROP-VLab office at: