TG9 Enterprise Interoperability Management

Led by Yves Ducq (University of Bordeaux/IMS) and Frank-Walter Jaëkel (IPK)



In recent years the topic interoperability has become more common in industrial and related work appears in several industrial research and development projects from strategic aspects over organizational projects such as joint venture implementation to IT system implementation and shop-floor integration into IT systems to service based IT configuration in a federated environment.

This calls for mechanism which supports the management of all these information but also the structured documentation and retrieval of data and mechanism related to the interoperability of an organization. This will improve not only the federation in global production networks but also improvement cycles within the organizations.

Interoperability in terms of management systems can be addressed in different ways. “An Integrated Management System (IMS) integrates all of an organization’s systems and processes in to one complete framework, enabling an organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives”. In fact the management system should also cover information about the interoperability aspects of an organisation in terms of exchange protocols, standards followed by the organisation, system landscape and the processes related to manage interoperability with other organisations. This is open for further research and development.


Missions & Objectivesslideritem-consulting-9127e077

  • Elaborate the required management system content
  • Develop the management methods, procedures and processes



Definition of a detailed framework of subtopics and required knowledge for the management system:

  • Identify the industry demands and requirements by case studies such as on the shopfloor, in the product/service development, etc.
  • Define a minimum information framework such as regarding IOT approaches, cloud/frog solutions, international cooperation, internal and external factors.


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