TG11 Manufacturing Enterprise Interoperability

Led by Bob Young (Loughborough University) and Gash Bhullar (Control 2K)



The overall aim of TG11 is to advance the understanding of and uptake of solutions for manufacturing enterprise interoperability. Manufacturing businesses of all sizes and shapes continually strive for higher levels of competitiveness and recognise the potential value of ICT to enhance their decision-making processes. Ready access to information and knowledge is critical to the effectiveness of all businesses, but the complexity and the detail of manufacturing knowledge combined with the breadth of its sources brings with it a set of problems that need a clear vision for a route to effective improvement and worthwhile commercial benefit.


Missions & Objectivesthinking_vs-_doing_lean

  • To improve the speed and quality of collaboration
  • To provide a better understanding of the exchange of manufacturing information between organisations
  • To provide effective enterprise models for interoperable manufacturing application
  • Top provide seamless internal and external interoperability at manufacturing control levels
  • To improve ICT system “-ilities” and security i.e. usability, maintainability, extensibility, portability, flexibility….


Plans for 2016-2017

  1. To continue to provide a discussion forum on key issues related to MEI.
  2. To continue to support activities that have the potential to advance MEI understanding e.g. workshops, vision documents, proposal development, training.
  3. To explore a new Community Group based on the results of the FLEXINET project.



TG11 Members

Coordinators contact:


Name Partners
Guy Doumeingts INTEROP-VLab
PtRP Pole Joao Mendonça University Of Minho
Ricardo Goncalves UNINOVA
PGSO Pole Vincent Chapurlat Ecole des Mines d’Ales
Yves Ducq University Bordeaux / IMS
Remi Bastide University J-F Champollion
Philippe Charbonnaud ENI Tarbes
Elies Lamine University J-F Champollion
Grande Région Pole Hervé Panetto University of Lorraine
I3-VLab Piero De Sabbata ENEA
Claudia Guglielmina GFT Italia
Eva Coscia Holonix
Sergio Gusmeroli TXT e-Solutions
INTERVAL Raul Poler Univ. Polytechnic of Valencia
Daniel Sáez Domingo Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI)
Rubén de Juan Marín Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI)
José Miguel Pinazo AINIA
David Martinez AINIA
DFI Pole Roland Jochem Technische Universität Berlin
Martin Zelm INTEROP-Vlab/ DFI e.V.
Frank-Walter Jaekel IPK Fraunhofer
TANET – UK Pole Colin Piddington Control 2 K
Gash Bhullar Control 2 K
Jenny Harding Loughborough University
Bob Young Loughborough University
Keith Popplewell Coventry University.
 China Pole Xiaofeng Liu Harbin Institute of Automation
Xiangxu Meng Shandong University
Shijun Liu Shandong University
Junfeng Zhan China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS)
Wang Nianbin Harbin Engineering University
Zhong Hua Institute of software Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ye Dan Institute of software Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lv Cixing Shenyang Institute of Automation