TF9 Cyber Physical System

 Led by Eduardo Saiz (IKERLAN, ES)

Missions & Objectives

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) refers to next generation embedded ICT systems that are interconnected and collaborative, also through the Internet of Things, and provide citizens and businesses with a wide range of innovative applications and services. These are the ICT systems that are increasingly embedded in all types of artefacts including our cars, our clothes and even our own body, making our personal devices, our homes, cars, transport systems, offices, factories and cities, etc. „smarter“ and more comfortable. (ARTEMIS SRA 2016)

Often endowed with control, monitoring and data gathering functions, CPS needs to comply with essential requirements like safety, security and near-zero power consumption as well as size, usability and adaptability constraints.

  • Identifying current and future trends in CPS research and their applications,


  • Analysing future research priorities and business opportunities,
  • Bringing the relevant stakeholders together to facilitate collaborations among them ,
  • Promoting proposals preparation in future CPS H2020 Calls



  • Launching the TF9 and call for members (Interop-VLab GA 2016)
  • Opening a workspace in the portal for the TF9
  • Working on issues related to integration, interoperability and standards on CPS by:
    • Analysing roadmaps including CPS issues (e.g. ARTEMIS-IA SRA, CPSoS, CyPhERS, Road2SoS, T-Area-SoS, COMPASS, Road4FAME, TAMS4CPS and Road2CPS)
    • Identifying and analysing H2020 and national projects on CPS (e.g. CREMA; MANTIS, C2NET, FoF-11-2016 funded projects, etc.)
    • Identifying and analysing current and relevant examples of CPS applications in sectors such as Communication, Consumer, Energy, Infrastructures, Health Care, Manufacturing, Transport.
  • Identifying future H2020 Calls on CPS and driving proposals preparation
  • Preparing an annual report of the TF9 activity and main outcomes



To strengthen current research lines on CPS, to have additional inputs about trends and applications of this technology in different sectors, creation of new business opportunities and to have the possibility of participating in European proposals.


  • Universities and Research Centers with expertise in the field of CPS
  • ICT Solutions providers
  • Potential users across different application sectors
  • Potential Spin-offs and Startups to be created in the near future

Current Eu Projects & CPS issues


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