TF2 Model-Driven Interoperability

 Led by Carlos Agostinho (UNINOVA – PT)

Missions & Objectives


The TF has the objective to promote the discussion among the members to advance on the state of the art in the area of model-driven interoperability. Building upon solid research from INTEROP and ATHENA frameworks, the TF seeks to improve best practices as a basis for training, identify new challenges and future project proposals opportunities.

Topics addressed include:reference_model_for_mdi

  • Model-driven Interoperability (MDI)
  • Model-driven Development (MDD)
  • Model-driven Service Engineering (MDSE)
  • Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Self-Explanatory Models
  •  Adaptive and Self-Organized Systems
  • Model Morphisms


Next Event

Mod4Sim Conference


TF2 Members



Name Partners
Hervé Pingaud ENSTIMAC – PGSO
Guy Doumeingts (co-chair) INTEROP-VLab
Vincent Chapurlat EMA – PGSO
Ricardo Chalmeta U. Jaume – Interval
Ricardo Goncalves (co-chair) UNINOVA – PtRP
Carlos Agostinho (chair) UNINOVA – PtRP
Bob Young Loughborough U. – UK Pole
Ruth Sommar Combitech – North Pole
Arne Berre SINTEF – North Pole
Cyril Carrez SINTEF – North Pole
Thècle Alix U. Bordeaux – PGSO
Grégory Zacharewicz U. Bordeaux – PGSO
Veronica Pazos U. Jaume – Interval
Ruben de Juan Marin ITI – Interval
Raul Pena ITI – Interval
Farouk Toumani U. Blaise Pascal – PGSO
Lanshun Nie HIT – China Pole