List of PSYMBIOSYS deliverables

Project title: Product-Service sYMBIOtic SYStems
Project acronym: PSYMBIOSYS
Number: 636804
Programme: H2020
Project website:
Starting date: 2015-012-01
Duration of the project: 36 months
Description of the project The PSYMBIOSYS concept is based on a holistic and unifying collaboration concept (the symbiosis) implemented through a five-pointed star symbolizing the following 5 main dichotomies we have identified in product-service design.
The 5 main dichotomies or tussles[1] which are currently preventing service innovation to be pervasively adopted by all EU manufacturing industries, SMEs included:

  • Products and Service
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Knowledge and Sentiment
  • Service-Oriented and Event-Driven architectures
  • Business and Innovation

List of Deliverables

 D2.1  Requirements Engineering Framework for Symbiotic P-S Systems
 D3.1  PLM methods and tools for semantic interoperability First
 D3.3  Engineering- Manufacturing Knowledge Sharing First
 D3.5  Engineering-Manufacturing Collaboration Processes First
 D3.7  Symbiotic Platform for engineering-manufacturing collaboration First
 D4.1  SSME in product- oriented value chains First
 D4.3  PLM and SLM in manufacturing value chains First
 D4.5  PLM-SLM knowledge-process interoperability First
 D4.7  Symbiotic Platform for PLM-SLM concurrency First
 D5.1  Knowledge sharing and protection in product-service design First
 D5.3  Crowd sourcing and sentiment analysis for product-service design First
 D5.5  Cooperative knowledge mechanisms in product-service value chains First
 D5.7  Symbiotic Platform for knowledge-sentiment innovation First
 D6.1  Privacy, Security and Data Protection in product-service design First
 D6.3  Real World Event Driven Architecture and Events Processing First
 D6.5  Digital World Service Oriented Architecture and Semantic Mediators for Data Access First
 D6.7  Symbiotic SOA- EDA Platform for Real-Digital World Interconnection First
 D7.1  Product-Service Engineering Conceptual Framework Firs
 D7.5  Symbiotic Innovation in P-S ecosystems First
 D8.1  Tangible / Intangible Assets as a Service Platform First
 D8.3  Stream Data Analysis and Processing Platform First
 D8.5  Mobile Applications Development Platform First
 D8.7  Big Data Analytics Tools and Platforms First
 D9.1  Functional and Modular Architecture
 D9.2  Integrated and Tested platforms and services including mobile First
 D11.1  PSYMBIOSYS Dissemination Action Plan First
 D11.4  Project Communication Means First
 D11.5  Project Communication Means Second
 D11.11  PSYMBIOSYS SMEs Engagement Methodology First