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The Italian Pole is represented by the Holonix and created in 2015 as an Association.

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HOLONIX s.r.l.

Holonix is a spin off from Politecnico di Milano. The Company provides advanced ICT solutions based on the research outputs of the university researches. Its staff is mainly coming from consultancy companies and has experience of industrial ICT implementation, while the link with the RTD is guarantee by senior researchers holding a Ph.D. from Politecnico di Milano. Holonix focuses on the Lifecycle Data and Knowledge Management, and its core solution is the “i-LiKe” (intelligent Lifecycle data and Knowledge) platform, which synthesizes the experiences and ideas from the last 8 years of research of Politecnico on Product Lifecycle Management. It is architecturally based on the achievements of several European projects, while intelligence algorithms and DSS come from the experiences in industrial researches carried out at Politecnico di Milano. The platform is composed of several modules, so the whole platform can be easily customized and satisfy different requirements of different customers such as, for example, logistic providers, production companies and assets management companies.

Web site : http://www.holonix.it/





Intellimech is a Consortium of high-tech enterprises dedicated to interdisciplinary research into Mechatronics, which comprises advanced electronics, computer and ICT systems and mechanical design for application in a wide range of industrial fields.
Given its size “Intellimech” is the most important Italian private initiative in this sector, and can count on the cooperation of a large number of enterprises of varying size but all distinguished by their same technological level and industrial prestige, which operate throughout a widespread area of northern Italy, from Friuli to Piemonte.
The Consortium manages R&D and interdisciplinary experimental activities into pre-competitive technological platforms and the production of prototypes for innovative infrasectorial applications. Technology integration methods are used to get new research levels and implement innovation processes (radical, incremental, product and process) and technological discontinuity which could then generate the development of new propriety applications.
The Consortium wants to create an environment where their partners can view the opportunities offered by automation and robotics and by applying the new technology, and to offer technical assistance and consultation, assist in personnel training and managing the communications, technical and scientific information and disseminating technology.



Web site : http://www.intellimech.it/index.php/en/



Softeco Sismat, founded in 1979, is a leader in the Information and Communication Technology market.

Exploiting the full potential offered by Information & Communication Technology, the company delivers innovative solutions for the development of the business of its customers.

Softeco Sismat implements industrial and IT projects through the integration of systems, products, technologies and networks, together with technical and organizational consulting, specialized services and training.

A distinctive feature of the Company is the substantial investment in Research and Innovation. Long Term and steady participation in EU projects and a high number of international science and technology collaborations, are the keys for the development of Innovative Products and for the transformation of innovation into business solutions.

The Company operates in the fields of energy, transport, telecommunications, finance, and the whole market of industry with its solutions and services. On the market for over 35 years, Softeco Sismat has earned the trust of hundreds of customers and is partner of some of the major Italian and International players.

Web site : http://www.softeco.it/en/




INNOVA was created in Rome (Italy) as a private company by a highly motivated team of co-founders who made INNOVA one of the leading private European groups in innovation technology consultancy.

INNOVA is the holding company of the INNOVA GROUP and operates in a market niche in highly competitive and fast moving sectors where growth and success strongly depend on technological innovations.

INNOVA has its main offices in Rome (Italy) at Tecnopolo Tiburtino, the technology park in Rome promoted by the local Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Rome with the support of public agencies and major corporations acting as a facilitator and services provider for hosted enterprises, constituting a real reference for high performance businesses.
These operative premises comprise offices as well as laboratories and an incubator, creating an innovative and stimulating working environment.

  • Main activities are managed in Italy: INNOVA s.r.l.; LABOR s.r.l., the Applied research and Engineering Laboratory; CYBION s.r.l., intelligent search SW Company, CAMPUS CONSULTING s.r.l., specialist in Organisational Innovation and Strategy and IT specialist in quality, environment & security management systems and INVENT s.r.l., the seed capital fund;
  • in Belgium (INNOVA EUROPE S.à.r.l., specialist in Innovation consulting);
  • in England (INAVYA);
  • in Poland (TECHIN Sp. Zo.o);
  • in the US (the Boston-based ICG Inc.).

The INNOVA Group integrates 3 strong competence areas:

  1. Specialised management & innovation consulting and technology transfer and valorisation
  2. Seed capital support
  3. Applied research lab facilities


Web site : https://www.innova-eu.net/