List of NO-REST deliverables

Project title: Networked Organisations – Research into Standards
Project acronym: NO REST
Number: 507626
Programme: FP6-IST
Project website:
Starting date: 2004-03-01
Duration of the project: 20 months
Description of the project The NO-REST project aims to investigate the applicability and dynamics of standards in the e-business and e-government sectors, and to develop toolkits for the assessment of their performance, and of the impact they have on networked organisations. To this end, NO-REST will evaluate the various standards development platforms, examine how implementations affect standards and interoperability, and do a re-active performance analysis of standards as well as a pro-active integrated impact assessment.

The following deliverables are planned in the Project activity:

Deliverable No. Title of the deliverable
D1 Draft version of guidelines for tools for a-posteriori performance evaluation of standards for networked organisations
D2 Draft version of guidelines for tools for a-priori impact assessment of standards for networked organisations
D3 First Project Review report
D5 Report on demand factors for standards for networked organisations
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D6 Report on the supply side of standards
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