List of K-NET deliverables

Project title: Services for Context Sensitive Enhancing of Knowledge in Networked Enterprise
Project acronym: K-NET
Number: 215584
Programme: 7th Framework Programme, Theme 1.3, ICT in support of the networked enterprise
Project website: http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/85241_en.html
Starting date: 2007-12-01
Duration of the project: 36 months
Description of the project The objective of K-NET is to explore the fundamental problem: how different services to manage social interactions in a networked enterprise can be used to enhance knowledge and knowledge management (KM) services.

The key hypothesis of K-NET is that the context under which knowledge is collectively generated and managed can be used to enhance this knowledge for its further use within intra-enterprise collaboration. By extracting the context under which the knowledge is generated in a network (e.g. goals, teams, temporal and spatial aspects), it is possible to enrich it to be more effectively used within future work.

List of deliverables

WP1: Requirements and Concept

WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation

WP/TG/TF no. Deliverable No. / delivery month Title of the deliverable
WP1 D1.1 /M6 K-NET Framework and State-of-the-art Analysis
WP1 D1.4 / M10 K-NET Public Concept
WP7 D7.1 / M36 Project Presentation Sheet
WP7 D7.6 / M36 Socio-economic Study
WP9 D9.4 / M36 Project Final Report