I-ESA Conferences

I-ESA’s unique balance of conference and workshops focused on current research, industry issues and leading edge research Logo_I-ESA_Blue2developments, makes it a major event for all in industries who have an interest in, or wonder if they may benefit from, an understanding of the potential opportunities offered by enhancing and managing interoperability in their enterprise systems and applications.

  • I-ESA 06
  • I-ESA 07
  • I-ESA 08 – Science meets Industry
  • I-ESA 09 – To link China with Europe and with the World
  • I-ESA 10 – Making the Internet of the Future for the Future of Enterprise
  • I-ESA 12 – Shaping Enterprise Interoperability in Future Internet
  • I-ESA 14 – Interoperability for agility, resilience and plasticity of collaborations
  • I-ESA 16 – Enterprise Interoperability in the difitized and networked Factory of the Future
  • I-ESA 18 – Smart Services and Business Impact of Enterprise Interoperability
  • I-ESA 20 – Interoperability in the era of artificial intelligence
  • I-ESA 22 – Enterprise Interoperability through connected Digital Twins