List of GENESIS deliverables

Enterprise Application Interoperability via Internet-Integration for SMEs, Governmental Organisations and Intermediaries in the New European Union: find here public deliverables of the GENESIS project (Specific Targeted Research Project, from 01/03/2006 to 31/08/2008). The main target of the GENESIS project is the research, development and initial, precompetitive application of the needed methodologies, infrastructure and middleware software components that will allow the typical, usually small and medium, European enterprise to conduct its Business transactions over Internet, by interconnecting its main transactional software applications and systems with those of collaborating enterprises, banking/social insurance institutions and governmental bodies, with respect to the evolving legal and regulatory status.

Work package no. Deliverable no. Deliverable name
WP1 D1.1 Enterprise Modelling State-of-the-Art-v1
  D1.2 Business Process Maps (v1, v2, v3)
  D1.3 f Business Process Descriptions (final version)

Annex A: Detailed Description of Collaboration Processes

WP2 D2.2 d Genesis e-Business Framework
WP3 D3.1 Analysis of the Data Modelling State of the Art
  D3.2 Genesis Data Requirements included annexes A,B and C
  D3.3f Genesis Ontology (final version)

D3.4f Annex D

Genesis Data Modelling (final version)

XSD Schema generic





Study on the Current Technological State of the Art


Workshop ISBG 2006 Workshop proceedings