List of FUSION deliverables

Business process FUSION based on Semantically-enabled Service-Oriented Business Applications: Find here public deliverables of the FUSION project (Specific Targeted Research Project, from 01/02/2006 to 31/07/2008). FUSION aims to promote efficient business collaboration within enterprises (incl. SMEs) by developing technologies for the semantic fusion of heterogeneous businesses applications. Intercultural and regulatory aspects of the enlarged Europe countries are considered instrumental in the FUSION solution.

Project website: http://www.fusionweb.org/fusion/

Work package no. Deliverable no. Deliverable name
WP1 D1.1 State of the art
  D1.2 month 12 D1.2 update M12
  D1.2 month 18 D1.2 update M18
WP3 D3.1 Specifications of the Integration Mechanism
WP4 D4.2 Enterprise Application Semantic Analysis
WP6 D6.4 a Workshop Report
  D6.4 b Workshop Report
  D6.6 ERA Collaboration Activities Report

WP1: FUSION Approach and Methodology

WP3: FUSION Integration Mechanism

WP4: Pilot Cases

WP6: Innovation Management, Dissemination and Exploitation