List of ENSEMBLE deliverables


Project title: Envisioning, Supporting and Promoting Future Internet Enterprise Systems Research through Scientific Collaboration
Project acronym: ENSEMBLE
Number: 257548
Programme: FP7-ICT
Project website: http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/95531_en.html
Starting date: 2010-09-01
Duration of the project: 24 months
Description of the project ENSEMBLE project is a coordination and support action (CSA), that combines systemic approaches, scientific multi-disciplinarity, innovative Web 2.0 collaboration tools with a community-driven mentality, to significantly increase the impact of the future internet enterprise systems domain.


WP1: Community Building and Dissemination

Name Description Document
ENSEMBLE_D1.3.2_2nd_Workshop The proceedings of the Workshop entitled “A science base for enterprise interoperability – structure, content and progress review” held during the conference Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications 2012 (I-ESA 2012) in Valencia, Spain, on March 21st, 2012.  Here
ENSEMBLE_D1.3.3_Project_Final_Workshop Deliverable D1.3.3 reports on the final workshops run by the ENSEMBLE project in the context of the Samos 2012 Summit that took place on July 2nd-4th, 2012 in Samos, Greece.

The ENSEMBLE consortium organized a workshop on the Enterprise Interoperability Science Base on which this report focuses, and a workshop on “A Roadmap for the migration of the FInES Research Roadmap on the Web”.


WP2: EISB Development (Enterprise Interoperability Science Base)

Name Description Document


This deliverable provides a review of the current state of play in defining the Enterprise Interoperability Science Base (EISB). A review of the definitions and structures of science bases in neighbouring sciences reveals that there is no common structure or content to such science bases. However a methodology which might be applied in defining a science base emerges, based on application of generally accepted scientific principles.

The definition and objectives of a science base for Enterprise Interoperability are also analysed, leading to an outline structure for an EISB to include formalised problem and solution spaces as well as structured EI domain knowledge.

The current state of research and application in 12 scientific areas is analysed in depth, based on published results. Further we examine the contributions made to each of these themes by European Framework Programme funded projects, specific scientific events, and research or application initiatives.

The present EISB state of play report is envisioned as a “live” document that will be sustained in the FInES wiki.




The purpose of the present deliverable is to outline the specific activities that shall eventually lead to the establishment of the Enterprise Interoperability Science Base. Such activities require appropriate action by multiple stakeholders, ranging from the ENSEMBLE consortium and the FInES Cluster to other scientific communities.

Upon studying the fundamentals in creating a science as depicted in the history of science and epistemology, the action plan of related scientific disciplines is analyzed and designates the perspectives and lessons learnt from their paradigm. The current landscape in the Enterprise Interoperability Science Base is then revisited in order to provide a high-level overview of the specific context for which the scientific foundations are examined.

The Action Plan for the Enterprise Interoperability Science Base evolves in 3 waves for which corresponding objectives and actions are identified:

  • Wave 1: Basic Elements that includes the Foundational Principles and the Core Concepts Formulation.
  • Wave 2: Hypothesis and Experimentation with the Development and Extension, & Internal Enhancement and Exploration phases.
  • Wave 3: Empowerment providing External Enhancement and Exploration, & Popularization to the Science Base.
ENSEMBLE_D2.3_EISB Basic Elements Report  This deliverable documents the work that has been carried out during ENSEMBLE’s EISB 1st Wave, following the Action Plan that has been defined in the ENSEMBLE EISB Development Plan (Deliverable D2.2). In this context, the deliverable at hand deals with the identification and description of open scientific problems and proposals for the definition of initial EISB foundations and deals with the 1st EISB Wave elements that result from concentrating on the basic ideas and concepts for the EISB knowledge base.  Here
ENSEMBLE_D2.4_EISB Models and Tools The purpose of D2.4 “EISB Models and Tools” is to present the advances of the implementation of ENSEMBLE’s work on the 2nd EISB Wave, continuing the developments of the EISB concept specification and starting with the definition of hypothesis, tools, as well as assessment and consensus stages  Here
ENSEMBLE_D2.5_EISB Empowerment Actions Report Deliverable D2.5 reports the advances on the implementation of ENSEMBLE’s work on the 3rd EISB Wave, consolidating and validating the developments of the EISB framework (e.g. knowledge base, relationships with neighbouring domains, problem/solution spaces), and starting the empowerment stages, through training and post-graduate programmes.  Here



WP3: Roadmapping

Name Description Document


This document describes the methodology that will be adopted in elaborating the FInES Research Roadmap (RR) 2012 by the dedicated Task Force (TF). The described approach firstly stems from the previous experiences of research roadmapping carried out within the FInES Cluster, then from similar activities described in the literature, and, finally, it is shaped on the basis of specific needs that emerged in numerous discussions and meetings that took place in the FInES Cluster and within the ENSEMBLE project.  Here
ENSEMBLE_D3.3.2 Research Roadmap Updates – 2nd version This document reports the activities and the outcomes of the FInES Research Roadmap Task Force that, for this specific version, operated within the FInES Cluster from September 2011 to February 2012. The main goal has been that of revising, consolidating and validating the previous version v1.0 of the RR, aiming at the release of the new version v2.0, at the end of the period.  Here
ENSEMBLE_D3.3.3 Research Roadmap Updates-3rd Version Deliverable D3.3.3 is organised in two main parts. The first part (Section 2) concerns the final consultation phase of the FInES Research Roadmap 2025 report (FRR), tagged with version v3.0. The second part (Section 3) reports the analysis and main design lines concerning the migration of the FRR to the Web (FRR MoW).  Here


WP5: Project Management

Name Description Document
ENSEMBLE_D5.3.2b_Final Activities and Management Reports The purpose of this deliverable is to summarize the technical activities carried out during the ENSEMBLE implementation from September 1st, 2010 to August 31st, 2012, according to the corresponding EC templates for a final project report.

The final report at hand comprises:

A publishable summary of the work undertaken.A detailed analysis of the use and dissemination of foreground knowledge created by the ENSEMBLE consortium.

A report on the societal implications of the project.