E-learning Platform

What is the INTEROP e-Learning platform?

Download at the bottom of the page, the user guide of the e-Learning Platform

  • An access to tutorials & courses elaborated by the top specialists in Enterprise Interoperability (EI)
  • A way to bring up to standard your knowledge in new research domains around EI
  • A possibilty to use the available materials to build your own courses

I-V Tutorials

INTEROP-VLab proposes tutorials, developed during the InterOP-NoE project, belonging to four domains related to interoperability:

  • 13 tutorials in Enterprise Modeling

ex: Introduction to Enterprise Modeling with ARIS

Business Process Modelling Language (BPML)

Use of the Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) to Model Business Processes

• 10 tutorials in Architectures & Platforms

ex: Enterprise Architectures and Enterprise Modeling

Model Driven Architecture: General Overview

Data Quality Models in Cooperative Information Systems

• 13 tutorials in Ontologies

ex: Methodologies to build Ontologies

Semantic Web Technologies

Introduction to Business Model Ontology

• 7 tutorials in Interoperability

Ex: Enterprise Interoperability (basic concepts, definitions and approaches)

Enterprise Modelling for Interoperability

Multi-Agent Systems for Interoperability

I-V Web Courses

Furthermore, INTEROP-VLab has created program of teaching, based on reference courses and tutorials in Enterprise Interoperability, developed during INTEROP-NoE. The program of teaching has been adapted in Web Courses and is composed of four core modules (C) and seven optional modules (O):

C01 Enterprise Modelling for Interoperability
C02 Ontologies for Interoperability
C03 Architectures and Platforms for Interoperability
C04 Enterprise Interoperability
O01 Synchronisation of Different Distributed Enterprise Models
O02 Model Driven Interoperability
O03 Models Morphisms
O04 Semantic Enrichment of Enterprise Modelling
O05 Alignment of BP/EM and IT
O06 Methods, Requirements and Method Engineering for Interoperability
O07 Non-functional aspects of interoperability

How to access?

You are partner of INTEROP-VLab:

Each organization which is partner of an INTEROP-VLab Pole can ask one login, included in its partnership fee. To ask for a login, steps to follow are:

– choose one responsible for the education activity in your organization

– communicate the name / email / organization to the representative of your Pole and to INTEROP-VLab management (info@interop-vlab.eu)

–  INTEROP-VLab will send the login by email

You are not partner of INTEROP-VLab

You are interested in consulting INTEROP courses and tutorials: contact info@interop-vlab.eu to receive rates and specific conditions of using.

Conditions of using

Partners have an unlimited access for a consultative use or to develop new tutorials and courses. This access doesn’t allow to use courses & tutorials in a collective way for teaching.

It is recommended to use “Mozilla Firefox” as Internet browser, rather than Internet Explorer. Actually, some links are not valid under Internet Explorer.

Access for a teaching collective use

INTEROP-VLab proposes an access to tutorials units, for a teaching collective use (30 logins), valid during 20 not consecutive days, limited to 8 hours per day. The price to access in such condition is 1 000€ for a partner, and 2 000€ for a non-partner.