Welcome to the FIDS (Future Internet Documentation Space)

Since 2008, INTEROP-VLab has been chosen by the European Commission to be the official repository of EI (Enterprise Interoperability) public deliverables, from the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework programme. In the frame of the partnership with the UNITE project, the repository of deliverables has been extended to other topics of the Future Internet, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Services (IoS).

 The FIDS is  a high-level quality repository of research documentation in free access. The objective of this initiative is to enable access to state of the art research in Enterprise Interoperability (EI) and Enterprise Software Applications (ESA) research areas, and in the federated theme of “Future of the Internet”, i.e. Internet of Services (IoS), Internet of Things (IoT), and the other areas from the Future of Internet (oFI) gathered in a single sub-domain.

The FIDS is a live virtual space that will be continuously updated with new documentation. For the moment, the documentation is classified by research domains and accessible via hyperlinks in the tables below :


FInES (Future Internet Enterprise Systems) documentation


Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) has emerged as a field of activity that aims at enabling enterprises, including SMEs, by means of ICT, to exploit the full potential of the Future Internet. The FInES vision and research objectives are defined in its Position Paper: “The full potential of the Future Internet is accessible to, relevant for, and put to use by European enterprises including SMEs. The Internet thus becomes a universal business system on which new values can be created by competing as well as collaborating enterprises – incumbent as well as new – through innovation in a level playing field, with sustainable positive benefits for the economy, society and the environment”. (source:


Project Acronym Programme Title Type Start End Link to deliverables
NEFFICS FP7 Networked Enterprise transFormation and resource management in Future internet enabled Innovation CloudS Collaborative project 2010 2013 here
ENSEMBLE FP7 Envisioning, Supporting and Promoting Future Internet Enterprise Systems Research through Scientific Collaboration Coordination and support actions 2010 2012 here
COIN FP7 Collaboration and interoperability for networked enterprises Collaborative project 2008 2011 here
SYNERGY FP7 Supporting highly adaptive Network enterprise collaboration through semantically enabled knowledge services Collaborative project 2008 2011 here
COMMIUS FP7 Community-based Interoperability Utility for SMEs STREP 2008 2011 here
K-NET FP7 Services for context sensitive enhancing of knowledge in networked enterprises STREP 2007 2010 here
GENESIS FP6 Enterprise Application Interoperability via Internet-Integration for SMEs, Governmental Organisations and Intermediaries in the New European Union STREP 2006 2008 here
FUSION FP6 Business process FUSION based on Semantically-enabled Service-Oriented Business Applications STREP 2006 2008 here
ABILITIES FP6 Application Bus for InteroperabiLITy In enlarged Europe SMEs STREP 2006 2008 here
NO-REST FP6 Networked Organisations – Research into Standards STREP 2004 2005 here
ATHENA FP6 Advanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and their Application Integrated Project 2004 2007 here
INTEROP FP6 Interoperability Research for networked Enterprises Applications and Software Network of Excellence 2003 2007 here
IDEAS FP5 Interoperability Development for Enterprise Applications and Software – Roadmaps Thematic Network 2002 2003 here
UNITE FP7 UpgradiNg ICT excellence by strengthening cooperation between research Teams in an enlarged Europe 2010 2013 here
MSEE FP7 Manufacturing Service Ecosystem 2011 2014 here
FITMAN FI-PPP Future Internet Technologies for Manufacturing 2012 2015 here
TELL ME FP7 Future Internet Technologies for Manufacturing 2012 2015 here
C2NET H2020 Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks 2015 2017 here
PSYMBIOSYS H2020 Product-Service sYMBIOtic SYStems 2015 2018 here


IoT (Internet of Things) documentation

The Internet of Things refers to the general idea of things, including everyday objects, which are readable, recognisable, locatable, addressable and/or controllable via the Internet. Communications in the Internet of Things can be ‘thing-to-person’ communications or ‘thing-to-thing’ communications (source:

Project Acronym Programme Title Type Start End Link to deliverables
ELLIOT FP7 Experiential Living Lab for the Internet Of Things Collaborative project 2010 2013 here
IoT-I FP7 Internet of Things Initiative Coordination and support actions 2010 2012 here
INDISPUTABLE KEY FP6 Intelligent distributed process utilization and blazing environmental key STREP 2006 2010 here