List of COMMIUS deliverables

Project title: Community-based Interoperability Utility for SMEs
Project acronym: COMMIUS
Number: 213876
Programme: 7th Framework Programme, Theme 1.3, ICT in support of the networked enterprise
Project website:
Starting date: Feb., 1st, 2008
Duration of the project: 36 months
Description of the project Commius aims to deliver an adaptable and customisable prototype interoperability tool for SMEs, providing SMEs with “zero-cost of entry” into interoperability. Commius will hook into the email infrastructure and will establish interoperability agreements with the peers of the SMEs at the levels of system, semantics and process.
List of deliverables
WP/TG/TF no. Deliverable No. Title of the deliverable
WP1 D1.14 Final Activity Report on COMMIUS Project
WP3 D3.1.2 Commius Architecture
WP4 D4.1.2 Interoperability over SMTP (version 2)
WP4 D4.2.3 System Interoperability components and methods (final version)
WP5 D5.1.1 Specification of an Extensible Semantic Core
WP5 D5.2.2 Mechanisms for Application: Annotation, Extension, Specialization and Alignment (final version)
WP5 D5.3.2 Visual Mapping Tool (final version)
WP6 D6.1.3 Protocols for configuring e-Mail based communications and Interenterprise Process Negotiation (final version)
WP6 D6.2.3 Reference business model templates, patterns and algorithms for Process Detection and refinement (final version)
WP7 D7.2 Basic Interoperability Modules (final version)
WP8 D8.3 Final System Integration
WP9 D9.1.2 Report on Pilot Application Deployment (final version)
WP9 D9.2.2 End-user Evaluation report (final version)
WP10 D10.2
Dissemination Plan
Dissemination and Marketing Material