It is an ecosystem with a legal structure defined in INTEROP-VLab. It is Created around a methods with ICT tools support, resulting of collaborative European projects which have not reached a commercial level. The participants are organisations belonging to the project or organisations interested in the results of this project.  The Goal is to pursue the work after the end of the project in order to improve the TRL (Technology Readiness Level), to facilitate the dissemination and to develop exploitation.

The first CG created in INTEROP-VLab was a follow up of FITMAN project: FITMANovation Lab (Future Internet Technology for MANufacturing) with 18 partners issued from the FITMAN project. The second one is CG FLEXINET.

A third one is in creation: CG SLMTB (Service Lifecycle Manufacturing Tool Box) created following the MSEE project (FP7 – 284860) (Manufacturing SErvice Ecosystem) based on two results: a method/architecture called MDSEA (Model Driven Services Enterprise Architecture) and a software support, the SMLTB (Service Life cycle Management Tool Box). The participants are currently three owners of SLMTB (University of Bordeaux (IMS Lab, UNINOVA, INTEROP-VLab). This CG will be to be opened to others. The Goal is to create a consultancy service around the software and the Architecture/Method.

Already there was some interesting results by the use of MDSEA and SLM TOOL BOX in other European Projects:

  • OSMOSE project: contribution to the architectures’ specifications and transformation model
  • PSYMBIOSYS project: POLIMI and I-VLab models the business processes for PIACENZA and FTI (pilots)
  • BEInCPPS project: modeling the cyber part of the Cyber Physical System