List of COIN deliverables


Project title: Collaboration and interoperability for networked enterprises
Project acronym: COIN
Number:  FP7 216256
Programme: FP7-ICT
Project website:
Starting date: 2008-01-01
Duration of the project: 36 months
Description of the project The mission of the COIN IP is to study, design, develop and prototype an open, self-adaptive, generic ICT integrated solution to support the above 2020 vision, starting from notable existing research results in the field of Enterprise Interoperability (made available by the Enterprise Interoperability DG INFSO D4 Cluster and specifically by the projects ATHENA, INTEROP, ABILITIES, SATINE, TRUSTCOM) and Enterprise Collaboration (made available by projects ECOLEAD, DBE, E4 and ECOSPACE).


The Software as a Service – Utility (Saas-U)

Type Description Document
EIVP Integrated Enterprise Interoperability Value Proposition,
answering the research question:
What is the value proposition for EI/EC in the forthcoming decade?
The research is motivated by the first Grand Challenge of the
Enterprise Interoperability Research Roadmap –
the Interoperability Service Utility (ISU);
specifically whether there is a business case for the ISU.
Saas-U SaaS-U Business Models
establishing whether there is a business case for ISU by exploring a number of possible business scenarios and models for the implementation of the SaaS-U concept.
Business context and business propositions in the future of the Internet economy, and the current research results pertaining to the business case and models for the ISU, and the application
of SaaS-U for business modelling in energy, health, as well as enterprise software and applications.


COIN Generic Service Platform – GSP

Type Description Document
Specifications Baseline Service Platform Specifications Here
Specifications Evolutionary and Pervasive Service Platform Here
Specifications Trust Security Dependability Service Platform Here
Specifications Business Knowledge and Negotiation Service Platform Here


COIN Enterprise Collaboration Services – EC Services

Type Description Document
Specifications EC Baseline Specifications Here
Specifications Collaborative Product Development Services Here
Specifications Collaborative Production Planning Services Here
Specifications Collaborative Project Management Services Here
Specifications Collaborative Human Interaction Services Here


COIN Enterprise Interoperability Services – EI Services

Type Description Document
Specifications EI Baseline Specifications Here
Specifications Information Interoperability Services Here
Specifications Knowledge Interoperability Services Here
Specifications Business Interoperability Services Here


COIN Business Documents

Type Description Document
Report User requirements for EI/EC services Here
Report Maturity Models for SME collaboration Here
Report EI/EC inter-organisational implementation methods Here


Demonstrators and Best Practices

Type Description Document
Demonstrator Best Practice Aerospace Demonstrator – FILAS Italy Here
Demonstrator Best Practice Automotive Demonstrator – ACS Slovenja Here
Demonstrator Best Practice ICT Demonstrator – IVSZ Hungary Here
Demonstrator Best Practice Aeronautics Demonstrator – ISOIN Spain Here
Demonstrator Best Practice Pulp and Paper Demonstrator – POYRY Finland Here
Demonstrator Best Practice Healthcare Demonstrator – VEN UK Here


COIN Impact – Dissemination – Training

Type Description Document
Report COIN Dissemination Report Here
Cluster FInES Cluster Collaboration Report Here
COIN Community COIN Multiplier Community report Here
Training COIN Training Activity report Here


COIN Enlarged Europe results

Type Description Document
Report EEU User Requirements Here
Report EEU User Scenarios Here
Report EEU Training Activities Reports Here
Report EEU Dissemination and Impact Here
Report EEU Joint Action Plan Here
Report EEU Cluster Collaboration Reports Here