List of ATHENA deliverables

Advanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and their Application: Find here the public deliverables of the ATHENA project (Integrated Project,from 01/02/2004 to 31/03/2007). Athena supports research activities enabling enterprises to seamlessly interoperate. In addition, this project aims at becoming a major contributor in this field; therefore an Enterprise Interoperability Centre will be established to disseminate the results of its research activities.

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Work package no. Deliverable no. Deliverable name
A1 D.A1.1 First Version of State of the Art in Enterprise Modelling Techniques and Technologies to Support Enterprise Interoperability
A1.2 D.A1.2.1 Model and Report: First Set of Requirements 
A1.3 D.A1.3.1 Report on Methodology description and guidelines definition
A1.4 DA1.4.1 Framework for the Establishment and Management Methodology
A1.5 D.A1.5.2 Collaborative Modeling Platform – 1st Prototype
A2.1 D.A2.1 Cross-Organisational Business Process requirements and the State of the Art in Research, Technology and Standards
A2.6 D.A2.5 Validation of Research Results
A4.2 D.A4.2 Specification of Interoperability Framework and Profiles, Guidelines and Best Practices
A5- WP01 D.A5.1 Perspectives in Service-Oriented Architectures and their Application in Environments that Require Solutions to be Planned and Customisable
A5.7 D.A5.5 Validation of Research Results
A6.1 D.A6.1 Specification of a Basic Architecture Reference Model
A6.2 D.A6.2 Enhanced Registry/Repository Infrastructure
A.6.2/4/5/6/7 D.A6.3 Model-driven and Adaptable Interoperability Framework
A7.1 D.A7.1 Analysis of Industry Best Practice in Business Documents and Protocols
A8.1 D.A8.1 Analysis of Interoperability Situation and needs of SMEs and current approaches
B1.3 D.B1.5 Event Programme and Core Activity Overview
B2.2 D.B2.2 Athena Conference I-ESA 07
B2.3 D.B2.3 Roundtables, focus groups, Workshops, knowledge cafés, papers, articles and conferences report
B3.1-4 D.B3.1 Business Interoperability Framework
B3.2,B3.3,B3.4 D.B3.3 Interoperability Impact Analysis Model
B3.4 D.B3.5 / D.B3.6 ATHENA Contribution to Interoperability Policy Action Plan Version 3 and Long-Term Research Recommendations
B3.5 D.B3.5 ATHENA Contribution to Interoperability Policy Action Plan Version 1
B5.1 D.B5.4 Piloting including Technology Testing Coordination and Pilot Infrastructure
B5.3 D.B5.3 Users Guide to Athena Prototyping Services
B5.9, B5.10 D.B5.5 Scenarios mapped with Interoperability Issues
B6.3 D.B6.2 Curriculum of the Interoperability Training Service
B6.4 D.B6.3a Training Program Execution revised at M32
D.B6.3 Training Program Execution revised at M36
C1 – C2 D.C1.1/D.C2.1 Athena key results & Performance indicators
C1.3 D.C1.3 Interoperability Roadmap up date
D.C1.3 Interoperability Roadmap up date month 36
C3.1 D.C3.1 Exploitation Guidelines

A1: Enterprise Modelling in the Context of Collaborative Enterprises

A2: Requirements Analysis & State of the Art

A4: Interoperability Framework and Services for Networked Enterprises

A6: Model-driven and Adaptive Interoperability Architectures

A7: Business Documents & Protocols

A8: SME Interoperability in practice

B1: Community Building

B2: Knowledge sharing

B3: Business Interoperability research

B5: Athena Interoperability Framework

B6: Training

C1: Programme administration

C2: Scientific Coordination

C3: Exploitation planning