Area of Expertise


David Chen, Professor at University of Bordeaux, IMS Laboratory, has presented the enterprise interoperability framework elaborated within the frame of INTEROP Network of Excellence*. The purpose of the framework is to identify the basic dimensions regarding to enterprise interoperability and to define its research domain as well as to identify and structure the knowledge of the domain.

Enterprise Interoperability Framework – David Chen – 2009

* This work is partly supported by the European Commission through DI (Domain of Interop-erability) of INTEROP Network of Excellence (Contract no.: IST-508 011)


A PSS is a system including a mix of tangible products and intangible services designed, combined and provided to the customer so that they are jointly capable of fulfilling specific customer needs with higher added comparing to isolated products and services. The key components of a PSS are:

  • The Product as a tangible commodity manufactured to be sold fulfilling user’s needs or supporting the creation of a service.
  • The Service as an activity done for the stakeholders with an economic value, with intangible results.
  • Enterprise processes and its resources supporting the Product-Service (P-S) lifecycle.