List of INDISPUTABLE KEY deliverables


Project title: Intelligent distributed process utilization and blazing environmental key
Project acronym: Indisputable Key
Number: 34732
Programme: IST – ICT for Networked Businesses – Extended products and services
Project website:

Starting date: 2006-10-01
Duration of the project: 36 months
Description of the project Indisputable key (IK) objective was to initiate and stimulate an industrial breakthrough in traceability systems for wood leading to substantial economical and environmental improvements. Wood quality attributes depends on growing conditions and age and wood is also inhomogeneous itself. To effectively control final products these attributes must be visible for the process. IK demonstrated automatic wood traceability systems including a specially designed UHF RFID-transponder for wood.


List of Deliverables:

WP                              Deliverable     Title of the deliverable
WP 1 D1.24 Final report
WP 2 D2.11 Documented Management Model
WP 2 D2.12 The communication standard
WP 2 D2.14 Relationship to existing RFID standards documented
WP 3 D3.1 Report on initial analysis of drivers and barriers
WP 3 D3.2 Existing models and model gap analyses for wood properties
WP 3 D3.3 Report on selection and definition of environmental and economic KPIs
WP3 D3.5 Methods and models for relating wood properties and storage conditions to process efficiency and product quality
WP 3 D3.8 Environmental product declarations (EPD) for selected products
WP 3 D3.9 Optimal wood allocation
WP 3 D3.10 Economical, strategic and political perspective of supply chain performance
WP 3 D3.11b Environmental and economic impact of implementation of developed approach and on further possibilities and challenges in wood chain traceability
WP 4 D4.10 Forest RFID transponder and reader design
WP 4 D4.11 Forest RFID system operation
WP 5 D5.2 Mill log code marking device prototype
WP 5 D5.3 Documentation of mill code Marking device
WP 5 D5.4 Code-reader prototype
WP 5 D5.8 Saw integrated micro printer prototype
WP 5 D5.9 Documentation of saw integrated micro printer
WP 5 D5.10 Mill log code reader prototype
WP 5 D5.11 Documentation of mill log code reader
WP 6 D6.8 Traceability system architecture and overview
WP 6 D6.9 Traceability services, key features and overview
WP 7 D7.5 External website for “Indisputable key” ->
WP 7 D7.8 ERA activities report
WP 8 D8.3 Demonstrations
WP 8 D8.4 Documentations of demonstrations and possible market impact
WP 9 D9.7 Final pedagogical content, including a glossary